SEO Basic Principles

If you are wondering how best to go about SEO online promotional activities, there are a few basics that you need to have straight in your mind before executing any plans in particular. Certain ethics and standards are absolutely essential to a successful and sustainable SEO promotional blitz, so make sure that you know what you are doing in advance! To begin, the ethical SEO standards referred to above are known as either white label or private label. If you avoid any hint of deceit or spam in your online promotional activities, these standards should be quite easy to adhere to overall.

The penalties for straying from white label or private label SEO standards is quite heavy, and can last in perpetuity. Specifically, implementing illegal or unethical methods to promote yourself and your site will earn your site and all associated activities associated with your IP address a blanket ban from legitimate search engines worldwide. Savvy web users will report your sites and any black hat social media activities you implement as soon as possible, and the advanced search engine indexing robots that crawl the web are able to quickly find and dispense with any black hat or black label SEO offenders.

If you or someone else on your behalf will be implementing any SEO programs for your online projects, verifying their ethical mettle is absolutely essential if you want to maintain any kind of a web presence online for the foreseeable future. Remember that it can be darn near impossible to work your way back into the good graces of the web after implementing illegal or unethical SEO practices, and certain more egregious activities can potentially open you up to legal penalties in the future. Choose your online associates and activities wisely, and your SEO implementation should be a success!

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