What is private label SEO?

Private label SEO is simply another name for white labeled SEO. They are the same thing. White / Private can basically be interchangeable. They both mean that the delivery organization in the partnership is not visible to the end-client. The group that does the work is behind the scenes entirely from the paying customer. The group that does the sales, also known as the reseller, is usually responsible for customer service in a private label SEO arrangement. There are many examples in the large corporate world of private label reseller arrangements. SEO is no different from these other examples.


What is white label SEO?

SIMPLE PUT: White label SEO is when one organization sells the SEO and another organization actually does the SEO work. In this sense, it is a partnership between two organizations. They work together. Where most companies have sales and delivery as a single organization, this arrangement allows the two groups to work separately, but on behalf of a common client. This is known as white label SEO because the SEO delivery group is invisible – or white labeled. It is named based on the fact that the customer is not aware that the sales organization, which usually does customer service also, has outsourced their SEO delivery work to another company.


Hello SEO resellers

If you came here looking for a white label SEO or private label SEO program, you are in the right place. We are all about alternative ways to sell SEO without building an entire delivery organization yourself. There are programs out there that allow you to be the customer service and sales organization while they do the SEO work. This arrangement is often known as white labeled SEO. It is also called private labeled SEO. It is private, or white, because the delivery organization is invisible to the end-customer.