Using Compression Socks While Pregnant – Family Issues

It is possible to use a compression sock or a support line for your maternity. They are used in many different ways besides pregnancy, but their primary function is exactly the exact same. These compression apparatuses stimulate circulation of blood in the place they’re being utilized for the comfort.

Edema is a common occurrence during the pregnancy. Edema manifests as swelling of the legs, feet, and other extremities. Edema is preventable by using compression socks throughout the pregnancy. Women produce fifty percent more fluids and blood during pregnancy. As a result, your body naturally increases its size. Some of the signs that are common include swelling in the hands or face. This type of swelling typically shows in the fifth month. The swelling increases throughout the final trimester. Exercise for long periods of time or in extremely hot conditions could cause the swelling.

Through increasing the flow of blood to your legs, feet and ankles, compression socks can enhance comfort. Hoses and socks should be firm, but not overly tight and they can range in size from ankle socks all the up to leggings. Speak to your doctor for advice on what size or type is the best.