Should You Take Your Child to the Orthodontist? – Orthodontics for Teens and Adults

They are not just able to save your child’s smile, but they will also shield your jaw bone and teeth! Although not all children require braces, make an appointment to see an orthodontist when your teeth are misaligned. Family orthodontists can check the child’s teeth and instruct the next steps to take. This video by Virginia Family Dentistry explains when your child should go to an orthodontist.

The experts recommend children visit an orthodontist when they are 7 or 8 years old. If a child has serious problems with their teeth such as abnormal jaw development or serious dental issues and/or dental problems, they should consult an orthodontist sooner. Ideally, orthodontic problems are detected as early as possible.

Braces may be required for your child in the event that they find it difficult to chew on food. Children may require orthodontics when they are not aligning their teeth or a jaw. When alignment issues are typically obvious, it is also possible to detect your child’s jaw snapping or shifting.

If you’re concerned about the oral health of your child, do not be scared to set up an appointment with an orthodontics professional. Many issues are easier to deal with if they are detected before the issue is able to grow. A specialist in orthodontics can provide about the needs of your child as well as the options available for treatment.