SEO White Label Increases Search Rankings for Businesses

White label seo

Did you know that ninety percent of experiences online begin with a search engine? Most businesses with online websites rely on search engine rankings for certain key words and phrases to help pull in some of their business. Search engine optimization is a form of internet marketing that is becoming more popular, in response to this desire to rank high in search rankings.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, concentrates on the creation of high quality content for websites, as well as the editing of existing copy, web design, and social media marketing. Usually, SEO services are blogs, blurbs and articles that get posted to the hosting site or sites relating to the host site. SEO content contains important key words while also being relevant and professional, which are two qualities that will draw people to the content and therefore drive ranking.

SEO is also know as SEO white label, which refers to the professional, office type services these companies offer. The above SEO white label description of services differs from something known as black hat SEO marketing. Black hat, rather than driving rankings with quality content, instead participates in underhanded tactics meant to increase rank without actually offering any useful content. Techniques include using invisible text, key word dumping at the bottom of pages, and more. Owing to the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates for Google, these tactics are now often ignored or even punished, in addition to looking unprofessional to potential clients.

SEO white label is also known as private label SEO, because it will not be obvious from looking at the content that it has been produced by another company. In the same way that a shirt made in China still carries the name of the parent brand when it is sold in America, private labeled SEO carries the name of company, not the SEO. For this reason, it is important that businesses invest in quality content, since it will be reflective of their brand.

Rather than spend money on marketing and time conversing with clients, SEO white label companies instead rely on SEO reseller packages. In this case, resellers pay to sell SEO services and use their software for client assistance, et cetera. In return, they can decide on a price for the services and eventually make money fairly easily with an established client list.