Selecting the right team to outsource SEO

Many agency struggle to keep up with the search engine optimization workload for customers we currently have. Ironically, you seem agencies are desperately seeking revenue growth and wanting to onboard new customers as quickly as possible. SEO is a booming field at these agencies know that the faster they can sign on clients the faster they can increase the size of their firm.

But reliable delivery is a critical component for keeping clients happy in the long term. Deliverable start to slip and deadlines are not met, clients leave your firm and you find yourself in a revolving door of client acquisition which is not good for long-term growth.

The solution is to Outsource SEO.

Finding a reliable white label SEO partner with whom you can do business on a long-term basis is trickier than it sounds. In this article will outline several criteria that are essential for determining if an outsourced team can handle your workload, will be reliable for the long-term, and it’s the right fit for your business.

Here is the short list of what you need to evaluate in your potential firm:

Customer Reviews
Deliverables and Philosophy


Is hard to stress how important communication is when you outsource any portion of your business to another firm. Communication is difficult inside a single entity. When you introduce multiple businesses who are doing work in partnership you are complicating the communication patterns as people do not work in each other’s physical presence. Additionally, different communication cultures exist in every organization and sometimes the Outsource partner will even be in another country in a far away time zone. All of these factors can complicate communication making smooth operations more difficult.

As you evaluate a potential outsourced SEO firm you need to be thinking about how smooth their communication is and how strong their communication skills are. Notice how they prefer to communicate. Are they exclusively ticket based? Will they jump on the phone and be willing to talk to you in real time? Are they even willing to do video chat in virtual meeting with your team?

The general you want the most communicative team you can find as this will be part of your delivery for your agency. As such you need to plan for things to go wrong and issues to arrive. The worst situation for you is to have a team that is poor at communicating when you most need them to correct an issue or walk you through an explanation.

As you interview various forms you will get a feel for how strong the communication skills are. Obviously, if you hire an offshore team you would expect greater communication difficulty because English is not their first language. Even firms located in the United States may be more or less communicative depending on whether they are comfortable with telephonic and video chat based meetings.

We recommend the United States based firms who are very comfortable with video chat. You’re building a long-term partnership and you want to know that the people do in your search engine optimization work are people you can look at directly through a video screen.


Technology is the second major area you need to evaluate when deciding if a white label SEO firm is a good fit for your agency. You’re interested in a partner who can start small with you and then scale to a business that is hopefully bringing in many millions of dollars in revenue per year. At that level of Revenue you will have many SEO campaigns running simultaneously and keeping them organized is of primary importance.

Technology is the secret ingredient to successful scaling hi strong communication. Even a team with excellent communication will fail if they cannot stay organized and make sure deliverables are done on time. While many people view technology through the lens of user experience, there are other critical factors such as scalability and durability that should also be explored.

You will want to ask specific questions about how workflow is set up at the white label partner. They should have ample as it evidence that they have run many thousands, or even millions, of tasks through their workflow system without missing deadlines.

You don’t want to be a guinea pig for someone else’s technology either. You want technology that is tried-and-true that has been used by many other agencies. If you are working with a brand new white label SEO reseller, you should ask for a significant discount as they will likely need to work out bugs and kinks trying to figure out if there architecture will truly scale.

Customer Reviews

As you do your due diligence on a white label SEO reseller company, look at their reviews. You want to company with positive reviews that has been in business for a significant period of time. If you see a few negative reviews, do not be alarmed. Any serious business has a few negative reviews, what you are looking for are the ratios and that there is significant enough volume of reviews to substantiate this firm is viable.

Again, newer firms may not have reviews or may have paid for fake reviews. You need to evaluate whether you think there are digital footprint is legitimate and represents a serious business which you can rely on.

As you see things online that you’re particularly worried about, Ring these up to the perspective white label firm and have a discussion. There’s usually more to the story that is represented in a short paragraph and these are excellent opportunities for deepening your relationship with a potential form you might be doing business with for a long period of time.

These are also excellent opportunities to observe how your potential partner reacts and communicates in difficult situations. If they become angry or in any way irrational as you ask them to explain the reviews, this is a red flag that you should pass and look for another firm do business with.

Rational business people will welcome your questions even if they review you are pointing to is particularly irrational. Again, your interest is in how well they form relationships with their agency partners which is a Greek predictor of how it will be to do business with this white label reseller.

Deliverables and Philosophy

The fourth area you need to investigate fully is the specific search engine optimization deliverables and the general philosophy toward SEO ranking used by the firm. There are many different styles of SEO if people have various levels of comfort with the risks associated with different search engine optimization tactics.

For example, some firms are happy to push the envelope and engage in dark gray SEO tactics the Google has specifically said they do not favor. There are many well-publicized key studies that show these Tactics still work even though Google frowns upon them. They generally are less expensive which is the precise reason Google does not like that. Other firms very much shy away from these tactics and want things to be as clean as possible.

It’s on fashion, all SEO is Rahab because Google would prefer that you are not soliciting links in any fashion whatsoever. Regardless of your specific philosophy or that of the white label SEO fulfillment firm you are interviewing, it is important that you are on the same page.

If you’re going to do business with an outsourced SEO firm for significant length of time, you need to know that your philosophies are in alignment. Furthermore, you will need to represent these SEO tactics to your clients with integrity, which is impossible to do if you have not investigated them fully prior to engaging the firm.


The last aspects to evaluate When selecting a white label SEO Outsourcing firm is their culture. Remember, you are not only hiring this firm you are engaging business with the people who work there. there General mood of the the firm is a great predictor of how it will feel to work with them on a day-to-day basis.

In general, you want to do business with an organization that has a strong culture. Stronger cultures have been validated by research to achieve stronger results client. For example, customer service tends to be better at organizations that invest in their people and demonstrate strong culture. Simon sinek, for example, talks about how organizations that take care of their people generate people who are eager to take care of their customers.

In this sense, organizational culture me be the most important evaluation of your entire search criteria as strong cultures are likely to score highly in many other areas as well.


Finding a high-quality white label SEO reseller to Outsource your search engine optimization fulfillment work to is not an easy task. Selecting an Outsourcing firm just forming a long-term partnership to pudding significant a trust into another Organization. For your agency to have long-term success you need to pick a partner who will be able to consistently deliver reliable is your results and be a trusted consultant when issues arise. Communication, technology, and the culture of the firm Rock fruitable aspects that you should investigate deeply before deciding on who to work with.