How to Find Marketing Insights in 2023 – Ceve Marketing

Presenter provides a basic technique for finding and capturing new insights. Watch the video to find out more.

The video begins at the start of video, the host outlines a couple of important points about marketing insights, which reveal that they are truths that are hidden in plain sight, and that insights can change the way we view issues. A second aspect that is worth mentioning is that journalists often are accountable for changing our views of references.

The presenter advises you to look for publications with a lot of impact to help you gain insight. It is as simple as one Google search for the subject or product’s category before entering the title of one of the top publications. After searching for the keyword or publication he is looking for, he’ll look through a variety of examples to locate an article with insights. Then, he demonstrates how titles or the very first sentence of the article can help crystalize an idea. This technique will not just help a strategist to find insights but will also produce confidencebecause of the power and credibility of the publications chosen.