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The function was given to its current location, the National Library, becoming a museum. It became a major place of city life, as well as a venue for people to get together with Italian patriots. It has guided tours as well guided tours as well as self-guided ones. Its director Mario Epifani, says it “spans through the centuries, of telling its story and provoking us to consider the identity we have created.”
Participate in an Opera Performance

The doors of Opera San Carlo’s design were opened for the first for the first time on 1737. This was before La Scala and La Fenice. Built for the Royal Palace of Naples, it was named the Real Teatro di San Carlo during Bourbon Spanish rule of southern Italy and was renamed Teatro di San Carlo after the union of Italy in 1861. At this point, it was apparent that Naples fell out of the picture as the musical center of Italy which cost the opera much of its fame. Opera San Carlo can be an unforgettable experience due to its elaborate, red-colored (or golden) drape and stucco ceiling designs.

Visit the Doll Hospital of Naples’ Doll Hospital

Ospedale delle Bambole began one day in the latter 19th century. It was when the theatre director Luigi Grassi was approached by a woman who needed an item repaired to her son. Because of hygiene reasons the craftsman was dressed in a white coat and approached his assignment in a professional manner. Over time, the repair of dolls and toys gained importance. Today it is still an operating repair shop that repairs all kinds of toys. It is a repair shop for all kinds of toys. Doll Hospital also gives tours on a daily basis. Check ahead and confirm that the hospital is open. Patients first come first as in every other hospital.

Follow the Cult of Capuzzelle, the Neapolitan skull cult

Naples has been described as a modern city featuring modern lighting and colors However, Naples also is an ancient city. It is for this reason that there is a variety of strange rituals and beliefs found in Naples. The most notable of these is the religion of capuzzelle,